Uralchem Headquarters

Moscow, Russia





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Winner of the International Property Awards 2018-2019 - Best Office Interior, Russia

Archdaily Building of the Year 2016 Award finalist (Interior Architecture category);

Shortlisted and High Commended at the INSIDE Festival of Interiors Award (Offices category)

Honourable Mention in The Plan Awards 2015

Company headquarters for Uralchem occupy a floor in the Imperia Tower, located in Moscow’s new financial and commercial centre, with the project’s conception centred on the creation of ideal working conditions for the company’s staff, while reflecting its dynamic, relaxed and youthful spirit. 

The building was originally developed to house a hotel, and, as such, presented less than ideal conditions for an office space. Chief amongst the issues presented was the low floor to ceiling height, which made creating large open spaces difficult. This led to a fundamental question: how can we make the space appear higher than it really is? Having identified this problem, an effort was made to develop a solution that could turn it into an opportunity, resulting in a unique proposal for the ceiling system. 

The ceiling is composed of white circular discs that form a continuous surface, unifying the space and reflecting natural light. 

Artificial lighting is incorporated into this system, as well as ventilation and air conditioning. The result is a flexible set of easily replaceable pieces that allows quick access to the infrastructure it conceals, while minimizing the impact of the low ceiling height. In order to ensure the system’s operation, prototypes were developed in Innsbruck, Austria all the way up to final production, which took place in Ankara, Turkey. The result is an efficient answer to the initial problem, and the central element in the space’s aesthetic. 

Functionally, the office is organized as a central volume housing core services shared amongst departments, with circulation paths around it emphasized by a continuous wooden surface that conceals doors and storage. 

Different workspaces were conceived according to the company’s structure and practices, as well as leisure areas designed to promote the relationship between colleagues and the sharing of experience.

In order to shield them from the noise of the busy open space areas, the administrative offices, meeting rooms and silent rooms were incorporated into irregular glass partitions, allowing for a soundproof environment.

The project’s carefully custom made solutions result in a comfortable working environment which promotes its users’ well-being and productivity.