Track and Field Offices

Oporto, Portugal





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Graphic Design

Pedra Silva

Signage and Wayfinding

Pedra Silva

Interior design

Pedra Silva

Located in Oporto, Portugal, The Track and Field Offices is a workspace for a global footwear, clothing, and sports equipment company. The design brief was a sports themed workplace that would communicate the presence of team spirit, mutual help, and motivation in the workplace. Our goal was to highlight the culture of sport therefore placing changing rooms and sports facilities in the central core of the building. Another client requirement was to differentiate the various floor levels through distinct colours.

As a result, we opted for three colours: orange with white details for level 1, blue with concrete accents for level 2, and green with slate paint-finished panels for level 3.

A third requirement was to maintain certain ‘raw’ features. With this in mind, each level was characterised with the same distinct raw materials, but we didn't stop there. To continue to help build this sporty atmosphere, graphic elements, located on walls and glass surfaces played a vital role in connecting the space to the world of sports, resembling markings on sports courts.

Flawless details such as these helped ensure the uniqueness of this project. Also, among many elements used, were wood fiber panels that work together with carpet flooring surfaces to help control the space acoustically.

The project brief also comprised of three main types of spaces: Working, Motivational and Break Areas.

This process involved dividing the project into two distinct groups.

The first group focused on the main dining area, reception, and teambuilding room (this last one was enhanced with a design of several benches around a central presentation area). The second group concentrated on workspaces, locker rooms, and support areas.

Recognizing the significance of employee motivation deeply embedded in the local team culture, we incorporated elements that would foster teamwork and emphasise the importance of motivational activities such as teambuilding events. 

Finally, to break the monotony of workstations and organise teams effectively, meeting room modules were strategically placed within open-space areas.

A crucial meeting point, a get-together hub, and relaxation area were situated in central zones.