Biogen II Offices

Lisboa, Portugal



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Pedra Silva Arquitectos developed Biogen’s Lisbon offices in 2016 and in 2020 were requested to redesign the space again to accommodate the increase in staff and need for meeting spaces.

The office comprises two levels with two distinct programs. The first level incorporates meeting pods for visitors, an auditorium, kitchen and terrace. The second level includes an open-space office, informal rooms, and a quiet room.

The challenge was to rethink the space concept whilst keeping the existing elements and creating a dynamic and coherent workplace. A primary objective was to add the CI colour scheme to evoke the idea of belonging from staff and visitors. The new space is also defined by curved glass partitions resulting in a dynamic space and enhanced by art inspired molecular structure graphics.

When comparing both spaces, one can see that the influence and interpretation of molecular structures is represented differently. The first project emphasised artistic interventions in physical elements, whilst the second project promotes natural lighting between spaces, resulting in strong visual graphic interventions.